Our Solutions

As technology evolves, so does the workplace. At Berri, we are fully committed to ensuring organizations are equipped with AI-driven innovations that save time and resources and increase operational efficiency.

Recruitment Assistant

Adopters of AI-powered recruiting software have seen their cost per screening reduced by 75%. In perspective, the Berri360 takes on the workload of your recruitment team, giving your recruiters more time to focus on decision-making.

During pre-recruitment, Berri360 can process scheduling, screening, call letter confirmation, and career site engagement. It goes further to facilitate recruitment follow-ups, panel confirmations, technical screening, and offer acceptance.

Not only that, Berribot is useful in the day-to-day management of your workforce. The bot engages employees regularly, ensuring that all staff adheres to compliance protocols. It can also facilitate communication by passing on vital information to a vast number of employees.


Real-Time Proctoring Solutions

As demand for video conferencing expands, BerriProctor fills the need for secured meeting experiences and better information capturing.

BerriProctor has versatile features that are helpful in any industry. Using the government database, this AI bot helps vet participants before online meetings or assessments such as interviews, meetings, and tests. With this extra layer of security, BerriProctor ensures only successfully vetted participants are allowed to take part. Also, BerriProctor will continue monitor the participants for potential red flags such as Impersonation, Deepfake, Audio Lipsync, and many more.

In addition to its enhanced meeting capabilities, the BerriProctor provides post-meeting workflows that improve the value of collaboration between the participants. Because of its attention to cybersecurity, any organization can secure meeting rooms with BerriProctor and comply with relevant rules.

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Live Texting Solutions

Do you ever feel like you could close more sales? If so, then you need an AI-driven solution that can streamline your communication with customers. The BerriChat tool operates as a virtual assistant that caters to the needs of customers before, during, and after their association with your business.

Unlike other bots that use automated text messages, BerriChat uses an AI-driven chat feature that creates a unique texting experience for each customer. Along with the SMS platform, BerriTalk can be used with social platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and many more.

BerriChat also functions as after-hours or out-of-office customer support. The chatbot can process bookings for shows or events; confirm orders or facilitate return requests; generate leads; simplify pricing; provide quotes/estimates, and even show demos of new products or services.

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