About Us

Who we are?

Berribot is an industry-defining advanced AI solution that automates administrative tasks in all businesses worldwide. Berribot can significantly reduce the running costs of any firm, organization, or corporation by 85%.

For instance, Berribot can be used as a recruiting assistant that makes thousands of calls, engages candidates, conducts real-time screening, and sources the very best talents within hours!

As such, Berribot handles all your talent and workforce management tasks easily and fast, allowing every organization to speed up its processes and increase ROI.

Our Mission

Automate. Innovate. Transform
We want to provide technology that automates the processes of organizations, giving employees a reprieve from tasks that machines can easily do. With Berribot, we make it possible for organizations to flourish in business and to become superheroes at what they do best.

Our Vision

We at Berri believe in creating an equitable work environment where organizations can leverage artificial intelligence with quality human input for better, more productive results.

Our Values

Our values align with our purpose and vision at Berri. They define the way we operate and how we conduct business.


We work with integrity and humility. We are honest, respectful, and just, and we embody these principles when working with customers, colleagues, and suppliers.


Working together is what makes humanity succeed. We work as one collective team, united in our respect for everyone’s opinions.


We aim for greatness and excellence in everything we do. We never stop learning and improving.

DEI – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We value every team member at Berri. Our commitment to a cultural work environment is what makes us stronger and more creative.