World’s First Ultra Scalable AI Bot
Our Scalable Artificial Intelligence services can make 10,000 phone calls per minute, miles ahead of manual calling and with better Results.
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AI Recruitment Assistant
An HR’s personalized assistant at every stage in the process. Helping you find the right people in a smart way.
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Beyond Recruitment
Our Artificial Intelligence assistant ensures a smooth experience for both the recruiter and the candidate beyond imagination. The best in the industry.
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Delivering Real World Intelligence
Our Artificial Intelligence Services are specially designed to Solve Real World Problems and Achieve Game-Changing Results.
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What we do

Berribot delivers amazing AI services that minimize costs and maximize business returns.

At BerriBot, we want nothing more than to give companies of all scales a competitive advantage. We achieve this by providing industry-leading technology that keeps our customers competitive in the global market.

We help organizations in all industries around the world automate complex workflows with our groundbreaking AI-powered solution, Berribot.

Berribot, which is designed for the enterprise, provides incredible functions such as video processing, image processing, audio interpretation, and text understanding, all of which combine beautifully to generate strategic value for organizations.

As a result, Berribot has AI features that handle intelligent tasks on a larger scale. When utilized, Berribot can improve workflow efficiency and cut any firm’s, organization’s, or corporation’s operating costs by up to 85%.

Berribot’s Impressive AI Features

Voice Biometric Recognition

Authenticate or Verify individuals on audio or video calls instantly with Berribot, which analyzes voice patterns using metrics like speed, accent, tone, and pitch.

Face Biometric Recognition

Berribot accurately analyzes the facial structure of individuals and identifies the facial landmarks that are key to distinguishing your face and use them for verification and authentication.

Natural Language Processing in Speech

Authenticate or Verify individuals on audio or video calls instantly with Berribot, which analyzes voice patterns using metrics like speed, accent, tone, and pitch.

Bias-Free AI

Keeping processes fair and equitable is easy with Berribot. Our AI models are free of human bias, ensuring that the right decisions are made more often.

Search and Recommendations

Berribot collects information for recruiters and managers to help them make better decisions about qualified candidates and employees.


With its AI-powered proctoring feature, the Berribot can be trained to detect potential red flags and suspicious behavior in real-time during screening, interview, or test.

Voice-Controlled Virtual Assistant

With Berribot, you can build your own relatable voice-controlled virtual assistant much like Siri and Alexa.

Scheduling Automation

By taking on high-volume tasks like scheduling interviews, Berribot frees up more time for business management to focus on high-value tasks like decision-making.

Call Automation

Berribot can make 10,000 calls per minute, miles ahead of manual calling and with better results.

Our Benefits

Turn your business into a highly profitable venture with Berribot’s products.

Live Engagement

Berribot will engage customers or candidates through live chat, phone calls, or scheduled video conferences providing a unique experience.

Process Optimization

Berribot can be used to automate and optimize existing business processes, giving organizations more quality information and time in decision-making.

Data Management

With a unified database, Berribot stores, integrates and analyzes data about customers, employees, and business partners without compromising security.

Advanced Filtering

Berribot can be used as a non-biased AI recruiting tool that provides recruiters with a list of eligible candidates who match the predetermined requirements.

Industries We Serve

Berribot is an intelligent AI solution that handles a number of time-consuming use cases, from simple to complex.

Business services

Berribot acts as a virtual recruiting assistant that makes thousands of calls, engages candidates, conducts real screening exercises, and sources the very best talents within hours!

Financial service

Berribot’s bulk calling feature is perfect for financial institutions like banks and insurance companies, which require reliable cold outreach to close sales.


Berribot can capture data from supply chains, which can be used to improve product design, production, delivery, and customer satisfaction.


Berribot can handle thousands of calls daily for advertising purposes and market outreach.


Berribot’s proctor feature prevents unauthorized access to sensitive meetings organized by any organization.

FMCG – Fast-moving consumer goods

Berribot can streamline the logistics of perishable goods by optimizing channels of communication between the customer and dispatch.


Berribot’s live chat feature ensures that all customers are attended to, even after hours or on holidays.

The Future is just a click away!


In 1950, Alan Turing predicted that by the year 2000, a machine with intelligent behavior would be able to generate human-like responses via a natural language interaction between a machine and a human.


Today’s software advancements have simplified some of the most time-consuming organizational processes and are increasingly incorporating analytics that can make predictions about candidate fit and quality. Berribot is one of the latest additions to the toolbox.


Berribot is designed to optimize the administration lifecycle in every possible aspect, provide customers with a headstart, and keep them competitive in the global market. Berribot drives towards empowering businesses with AI.

Empower your business in all needs

Berribot combined with Artificial Intelligence gives your business an ultra-power boost. Get more by doing less with AI solutions that cater to your specific needs.