Privacy Policy

Effective as of June 1st, 2020

Privacy Policy

Introductory Considerations
On 25 May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation) came into force. The objective of the Regulation is to provide further protection to personal data, defined as “any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person (so-called Data Subject)”. This Privacy Policy provides users of this site with clear and detailed information on the processing of their data according to the General Data Protection Regulation and the Personal Data Protection Code. In particular, by consulting this document, the reader will have the possibility to confer the set of data collected, the methods of their use, and the rights at his disposal regarding the protection of sensitive data.

A reference to “Berribot,” “we,” or “us” is a reference to Berribot Pvt Limited or Berribot India Pvt Ltd and its relevant affiliates involved in the processing of your Personal Data as required for the provision of the requested Berribot services and/or products.

According to the General Data Protection Regulation and The Personal Data Protection Act, Berribot is the Data Controller and the Data Protection Officer for the processing of personal data collected on users of the site itself. For any information or notification regarding privacy, please refer to the company email [email protected].  

Data collected through the website
The Personal Data object of Berribot’s activity is related to the following categories: name, company name, email address, phone number, and metric data on the devices used (such as model, brand, operating system, and a unique identifier for sending push notifications.)

Data Collected by Third Parties

The Site uses the following third-party components that independently collect data about users:

Google Analytics: This component collects metric and email data about users when they contact us by using the website’s forms. The user can read their Privacy Policy here.

Purposes and methods of processing 

Berribot will process the Personal Data for the exclusive purpose of carrying out typical business operations. They include improving/providing the services, covering the tax purposes provided for by the law where the company is based, and for marketing/contact purposes. Berribot will operate according to this agreement, within limits and according to the procedures set out in the Privacy Law.

It, therefore, undertakes to

  1. Treat Personal Data lawfully, adopting all organizational measures properly to minimize the processing of only those Personal Data strictly necessary to execute Contracts or legal obligations correctly;
  2. Process Personal Data following the information on the methods of processing Personal Data provided to Data Subjects through the information on the processing of Personal Data;
  3. Verify that the Personal Data is accurate, relevant, complete, and not exceeding the purposes for which they were processed. It includes reporting in writing to third parties any needs to modify, update, correct or delete Personal Data and undertaking them at their request. Such data will not be communicated or accessible to third parties except in the cases provided for by law. 


Transfer of Personal Information 

  • Regarding the transfer of data to third parties, Berribot undertakes to follow and correctly apply the instructions dictated by the legislation, refraining from defining any methods or purposes of processing other than those imposed by the agreements with its customers. In other words, in complete agreement with the current legislation on data protection (EU 2016/679, art.13/14), any potential transfer to third parties will be requested from time to time by the user concerned, who may object and deny your consent except in the following cases:
    • Transfer upon request for legal proceedings, legal acts, judicial and/or police investigations.
    • Transfer documents and information required by the police.
    • Transfer to our partner for the correct provision of the service offered.


Data Retention 

We will keep your Personal Data for 30 days in generic terms or based on a special agreement and need based on our customer privacy policy we may store it as long as we have a relationship with you and so far the agreement with your employer is in force. Furthermore, Berribot retains the data for a period after the termination of contracts only and only in relation to regulatory, tax, insurance, and other requirements in the places it operates or as otherwise required under the relevant local laws. Once this information is no longer necessary for the provision of services, we will proceed to delete your information. We do not take legal responsibility for any unwanted access or any hacking activity by third parties.

The data is stored exclusively in electronic and non-paper formats.

User rights in accordance with the GDPR and PDPA

The end-user has the right, following current legislation, to exercise one or more options from those described below:

  • Right of withdrawal: the end-user has the full right to request the complete termination of the consent of the data collected by us at any time and without giving a reason.
  • Right to be forgotten: the end-user has the full right to request the complete cancellation, from any media, of their data collected by us, without providing any express reason. By exercising this action, he understands that the provision of our services may be subject to limitations or may be completely denied.
  • Right of rectification and access to data: the end-user has the full right to check at any time, the set of data that the company has collected on it. Additionally, he can request the rectification and modification of the data collected (for example, following a change of domain or method of telephone/e-mail contact).
  • Right to request support from the Irish Privacy Guarantor: the end-user has the right to request permission and additional information from the Singaporean Privacy Commissioner, available at