Our Products

At Berri, we constantly find ways to optimize your daily business operations by making effective use of groundbreaking technology and AI-driven products. We offer several products that serve several functions in various industries.


Experience the Industry Advanced AI Solution for your business.

Our Conversational AI platform, Berri Connect, exemplifies the future of communication. By seamlessly simulating human-like interactions via speech or chat, it revolutionizes automation on a scale that was previously unimaginable. With capabilities to handle up to 10,000 calls per minute, Berri Connect guarantees a substantial ROI from the moment of implementation.


A personalized video proctoring tool

In the evolving landscape of online interviews and virtual interactions, BerriProctor stands as a crucial asset, introducing an essential layer of cybersecurity. With advanced video proctoring features, BerriProctor swiftly identifies anomalies in both audio and video biometrics, effectively countering any kind of impersonation, fraud, and various attacks, against Print, Replay, 3D mask, and Deepfake. Beyond conventional security measures, BerriProctor verifies individuals alongside government databases, ensuring a credible and secure virtual environment. It also records video and transcribes scripts for future reference, providing a comprehensive solution to enhance security protocols during remote interactions.

Berri Interview's Master Mind

Our Revolutionary Product – Adaptive AI Interviewing Tool

Diving into the realm of Generative AI, we proudly present Berri’s Interview MasterMind. This unique innovation introduces 100% human-less interviews through bot/avatar interfaces. Empowered by proctoring capabilities, it not only conducts interviews but engages candidates in lifelike conversations while delivering constructive feedback. The tool’s remarkable flexibility enables it to cater to interviews across various skill sets, aligning with uploaded job descriptions and yielding scientifically calculated scores. It can seamlessly replace the initial interview stages or even challenge the IAAS market.


Full suite of Berribot solutions

Rather than use a distinct bot for each stage of an interview, recruitment, sales, or customer service, Berri360 can handle all these tasks at once. Berri360 is an end-to-end suite which can seamlessly function to meet your needs. With Berri 360 you can avail all the benefits of Berri-Connect, BerriProctor, Berri’s Interview Mastermind along with additional solutions.