Our Products

At Berri, we constantly find ways to optimize your daily business operations by making effective use of groundbreaking technology and AI-driven products. We offer several products that serve several functions in various industries.


A personalized video proctoring tool

Since the pandemic, many organizations conduct business online, just as interviews and social meetings and it has become a necessity to add an extra layer of cybersecurity by strengthening security protocols. With Berribot’s impressive video proctoring features, it is now easy to detect spoofs and fraud in real-time.

BerriProctor is a video proctoring assistant that automatically detects anomalies in Audio and Video signatures and detects spoofs against Print, Replay, 3D mask, and Deepfake attacks. BerriProctor verifies the credibility of the person at the other end by checking their identity in the government database. BerriProctor also records video chats and transcribes scripts for future reference.



Experience your own virtual assistant

Two happy executives meeting in a restaurant and having a business conversation

As business becomes more digitized, keeping in touch with employees, customers, and suppliers has never been more important. Imagine how much time and money you could save by having an assistant available 24/7. This is exactly what BerriTalk does.

BerriTalk is a conversational voice bot that talks to people via phone calls, gathering useful information on a regular basis. Unlike any other bot, BerriTalk understands natural language and speaks just as an educated individual does. What’s more, you can customize the bot to fill your organization’s specific needs.


Meet the most advanced human-like Chatbot

Sometimes, the world moves so fast that people can’t find the time to attend to phone calls. Rather than keep clients or candidates on the phone for long hours, an HR chatbot like BerriChat can speed up the communication process.

 BerriChat is the perfect AI solution that reaches out to people asynchronously. The bot creates a continuous experience every time customers engage with your services. Because BerriChat stores data from one related interaction to the next, every customer can have a unique chat experience with your organization.

berri chat


Full suite of Berribot solutions
Rather than use a distinct bot for each stage of an interview, recruitment, sales, or customer service, the Berri360 can handle all these tasks at once. The Berri360 is an end-to-end suite that provides all the features of the BerriTalk, BerriChat, and BerriProctor, along with additional solutions.